Our new booth is on the way and will be available soon


Our new booth is on the way and will be available soon
    • Friendly On-site Operator.
    • Unlimited Photo Sessions Including 2 x strips per session printed immediately.
    • DVD with all photos in high resolution at the end of the night.
    • Fun Props included
    • FREE transportation in East Rand area.
    • Idle time  : R350.00 per hour
    • Extra time   : R850.00 per hour (includes printing)
    • Additional Prints : R20 per double strip if needed
    • Customised Strip design : R300.00
    • Custom Props @ Additional charge
    • Traveling charged at R3.50 /km outside East Rand Area

    What is idle time?

    This is in instances where you would like the booth to be operational from 19:00-20:00 and then from 22:00 – 24:00 (20:00-22:00) would then be considered “idle”  time). We can then setup the booth at your pre –requested time and we only charge you R350 per hour “Idling time” when the booth is not operational.

    Custom Designs need to be proofed 2 days prior to the event to avoid disappointment.

    50% deposit is needed to secure the booking and the remainder must be paid and cleared before the booth starts operating


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