How to choose your wedding DJ

Wedding DJ’s

So, you found a couple of local Wedding DJs that fits the profile! But you do you choose the correct one? Below is some tips that might help:

You get what you pay for

Perhaps the worst way to make your decision is based on price alone. Obviously, some DJs are more expensive than others. Prices may range from R1600 – R10 000 and it can be very tempting to choose the least expensive DJ. Bear in mind that there are good reasons why some DJs charge more than others.

The more expensive they tend to be the more experience they will have. Be weary when going for the cheaper quote! A good DJ makes sure everyone is having a great time; a bad DJ ensures everyone “remembers” him after the event!

Pay attention to their professionalism

A professional tends to behave professionally regardless of the circumstances. In your discussion with each DJ, make sure to ask the DJ’s experience in your type of event! If he hasn’t performed at a minimum of twenty events like yours it’s time to find another DJ!

Ask for references

If he hesitates to give you information about previous customers you should see this a warning sign. Time to find another Wedding DJ! Call these references and ask about their performance. Any professional will be delighted to comply with such a request.

Policy on music requests

The best DJs will take requests from the audience/guests. Bear in mind that not every requested song will be played – some may be inappropriate for the mood of the event. An experienced DJ will blend requests with songs he feels will properly motivate the crowd.

Remember that the art of being a DJ has a lot to do with timing, and this takes experience. Make sure to provide your DJ with as least five “must have” songs.

“I have over 50 000 songs!”

Great so the Wedding DJ mentions that he has sufficient music for your event, the fact is that they will be playing about only 100 songs during your event. It’s much more important that he plays the 130 songs your guests would like to hear!

Experienced DJs will have not problem with this issue! Ask them to make suggestions about the kind of music that would be appropriate for your affair. You should feel comfortable with most of his or her selections.

Is the DJ’s equipment professional as he is?

You probably won’t be familiar with brand names in the music industry, but if the Wedding DJ mentions his equipment ask what brands he is using while providing music at weddings. Start running if he mentions that he uses a home stereo system or a hi-fi!